2009 Sponsors

The 2009 Colondar would not have been possible without the help of our sponsors. We have sincere appreciation not only for their commitment to the Colondar, but also for their continued dedication to educating about colorectal cancer.

Behan Communications

Behan Communications is a public affairs and marketing consulting firm serving the northeast. They have donated design and other services for the Colondar for three years, and won several design awards for the 2005 and 2006 Colondars. www.BehanCommunications.com

BP Web Solutions

BP Web Solutions provices web design and consulting services with the goal of delivering all the best the Internet can bring to your business as a high-quality, customized and affordable solution tailored to your needs.


Butt-Check.org was founded by Kim Adair, who was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 48. Their goal is to alleviate fear of life-saving screenings with humor and a simple message: Get Your Butt Checked! Butt-Check.org hopes to provide financial assistance for colorectal cancer patients and also raise dollars for cancer research.

Colon Cancer Alliance

CCA is a national organization dedicated to patient support, education, research and advocacy. They have over 100 chapters across the nation and have multiple support networks including a toll free help line (877)422-2030.


The Colon Club

The Colon Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating as many people as possible as early as possible about colorectal cancer in interesting and out-of-the-box ways. This is the third year that The Colon Club has produced the Colondar.

Colondar Models Past & Present

It’s been said that being a Colondar model is a life-changing event and an experience like no other. This year, the Colondar Models Past & Present joined together to support the Colondar by sponsoring the March 2011 page. They want to be sure that the Colondar raises awareness about colorectal cancer for years to come by sharing stories of hope and inspiration. www.Colondar.com

Cut the CheeseTo Cut Out Colorectal Cancer

“Cut The Cheese To Cut Out Colorectal Cancer” is an event created by the late Kim Troisi-Paton, Miss April 2007, to raise awareness about colorectal cancer and funds for The Colon Club. Kim was determined that the Colondar would continue, and that other survivors would have the experience she had during the photo shoot weekend. www.CutOutCRC.com

David’s Fight

David’s Fight, co-founded by Mr. July 2011 David McCluskey, is an organization that was created to build colorectal cancer awareness within the community through public, physician and patient education, utilizing a variety of different programs, activities and resources. Their goal is to provide resources for those in need of assistance in Iowa.

Figg Tree Foundation

The Figg Tree Foundation was created to support Tammy and Bryan Figg after Tammy was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer at age 27. Since early 2003, their primary mission has been to support treatment centers and the nees of patients.


Genentech BioOncology

At Genentech BioOncology, we’re fundamentally transforming the way cancer is treated, with the goal of moving cancer toward a more manageable diasease. Our scientists are dedicated to improving patients’ lives by defining the molecular basis of cancer and investigating multiple approaches to treating the disease.

Get Your Guts in Gear

Get Your Guts in Gear, Inc. creates and produces empowering 3-day cycling events that raise awareness and funds for Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and the needs of people living with ostomies.


Glens Falls Hospital

Glens Falls Hospital is a nonprofit community hospital serving the area of Glens Falls, NY.  They provide comprehensive medical services as well as community outreach programs. www.GlensFallsHospital.org


LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance

The LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance is a coalition of organizations with the goal to improve the survival rates and quality of life for young adults with cancer. The Alliance is committed to promoting reserach and the investigation of the problem, serving as a voice for the issue, and promoting effective solutions.


Olympus believes in the value of educating people that colorectal cancer is preventable when detected early. We proudly support healthcare professionals with our innovative technologies, and The Colon Club’s efforts to raise awareness about life-saving colorectal cancer screening. www.CRCAwareness.com

United Ostomy Associations of America

United Ostomy Associations of America is an association of affiliated, nonprofit support groups committed to improving the quality of life of people who have, or will have, an intestinal or urinary diversion.