Meet Mr. July – Tim Maiorca

Welcome Mr. July! We’re excited to introduce you to this brave stage IV survivor and share his story with you. And you’re welcome ladies, we know many of you are aren’t going to mind seeing him all month!

Tim-maorica-stage4-colon-cancer-survivorThe BASICS about TIM MAIORCA

Name: Tim Maiorca

Diagnosis: Stage IV colon cancer on March 20, 2002

Age at Diagnosis: 37



Where were you when you found out you had colon cancer? 

I was at work. I went to get a routine physical after experiencing the bleeding and he recommended a colonoscopy. The doctor who did a colonoscopy called me at work to tell me I had cancer.

What were your symptoms?

The only thing I experienced was the bleeding when I went to the bathroom. I didn’t have any aches or pains – that was it.

What did your treatment involve?

Chemotherapy, surgery to remove 18 in. of colon and 2 surface spots on liver. During surgery, they saw the cancer had metastasized.

Any recurrences?

A year and a half later I had a recurrence (2004). It was in liver again. I was sent to liver specialist and they removed ¾ of my liver.

What was the hardest part about treatment?

Wearing the chemo pump. I also experienced hives, nausea, feeling really run down, and cold sensitivity.

What got you through cancer treatment?

My faith. I started going to church again after the original diagnosis.

Does cancer run in your family?

My dad passed away from colon cancer 1 ½ year before I was diagnosed.




About life?

I was always a workout fanatic, but cancer doesn’t discriminate against anybody… no matter how healthy you think you are.

About family?

It brought my family a lot closer. Both of my sisters are nurses so they helped took care of me. Brought my mother and I closer together.

About your body?

Listen to your body. It’s your body; you should know it. You only get one so you should know everything about it. Don’t be nonchalant – don’t assume it will pass. Be an advocate for your healthcare and treatment.

Has cancer changed your life for the better in any ways?

It’s brought me closer to God and increased my faith. Just being a stage 4 survivor and knowing the odds of how many people get through stage 4; I pretty much only have God to thank for getting me through that.

What do you hope your message and survival story will do for others?

If I can get cancer, anyone can get cancer. It’s very important to get colonoscopies and check-ups even if it doesn’t run in your family. If I had to do it all over again, I would get 100 colonoscopies; A colonoscopy is very minor compared to what you actually go through when you get cancer.

How do you feel about hitting your 10 year mark as a stage IV cancer survivor?

It feels great to hit 10 years. There was a point in my life I wanted to hit 2 years, then 4 years. They always say the goal is 5 years, but for some reason I wasn’t expecting to make it 5 years, after the second one. Now that 10 years is here, it’s blowing me away.


Family: mom, sisters and 3 nieces and a nephew

Job?  Scheduling manager for a electronics/hydrologic components manufacturer. I also work at a sporting goods store to feed my golf hobby.

Collect anything? African American Art. Love really authentic, hand-done sculptures from all over the world.

Hobbies?  I love golf and all sports, I play fast-pitch softball.

Claim to fame? I played college basketball for Thiel College in Pennsylvania.

Why do you look so hot in the picture?  I ate lean cuisines for the last 2 months before photo shoot.

Where are you from? Hubbard, OH

Your Teams?  I love the Cleveland Browns, Indians and Ohio State