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Get Your Rear in Gear!

Get Your Rear in Gear

Get Your Rear in Gear

by Belle Piazza

If you get nothing more out of this blog article than what I’m about to tell you now, mission accomplished.  Right now – this very minute, go to the web-site for “Get Your Rear in Gear” and find out if there is an upcoming 5K Run in your area – and sign up yourself and your family to participate!  Not a run in your area, okay, we’ll get to that.


Third Eye Colonoscopy

By Grant Choe, Third Eye Colonoscopy and Belle Piazza, The Colon Club

Our March 2013 sponsor for The Colondar is Third Eye® colonoscopy whose slogan is “Insist on seeing more.” As I began to do this blog about the company, my first question was “what the heck do they do?” So off to their web-site I went, where they have lots of easy to read information and data about their technology.

What I learned was that, although colonoscopy is the …