The Story “Behind” The Colondar

(now Colondar 2.0)

Erika Kratzer (middle) with Molly (McMaster) Morgoslepov and Hannah Vogler.

In 2003, Molly (McMaster) Morgoslepov and Hannah Vogler (Founders) were in Philadelphia with the Colossal Colon® when a beautiful young woman walked up. They were shocked when she introduced herself as Erika Kratzer, a stage IV colorectal cancer survivor.

Erika was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in November 2000 at the age of 22. She was given very little hope that she would live, but after three surgeries and one recurrence, Erika has been cancer-free since November 2001.

As they stood around the Colossal Colon, they discussed The Colon Club’s goal of educating about CRC in crazy ways. Erika joked about how cool it would be to do a calendar featuring young colorectal cancer survivors. Together, they brainstormed ideas and The ColondarSM became a reality. In the spring of 2004, they thought they would just get twelve girls and take some pictures… That it will be easy! It wasn’t easy but The Colondar made such an impact that is continued for ten years before transitioning to Colondar 2.0 (!

Because Erika was the ultimate inspiration, and it was her idea… The Colondar project is dedicated to her (