The 2013 Colondar

2013colondar-modelsThe 2013 Colondar

Power of the Written Word

The 2013 Colondar is the latest calendar released by The Colon Club to show that NOBODY is immune to colorectal cancer. In this breathtaking project photographed by Mark McCarty, stunning black and white images showcase the strength, emotion and depth of colorectal cancer.

The 2013 Colondar is the 9th calendar produced by The Colon Club. We’re proud to add this to our shelf as a way to encourage those impacted by colorectal cancer and spread the word that colon cancer can happen to anyone, at any age.


The 2013 Colondar features 12 young colorectal cancer survivors from coast to coast who were diagnosed under the traditional age of 50. They share their hearts and offer a peek at their scars to put a face on the growing population of young colorectal cancer patients.

• JANUARY – Brian Novak – Boulder, CO
• FEBRUARY – Meaghan Volk – Escondido, CA
• MARCH – Eric Hyatt – Gibson City, IL
• APRIL – Dawn Gagliardi – Smyrna, GA
• MAY – Brian Threlkeld – Portland, ME
• JUNE – Kelly Kuster – Milwaukee, WI
• JULY – Carolyn Hunt – Los Angeles, CA
• AUGUST – Doug Dallmann – Portland, OR
• SEPTEMBER – Tia Jones – Wichita, KS
• OCTOBER – Kerryn Miller – Seattle, WA
• NOVEMBER – Sanjay Bery – Basking Ridge, NJ
• DECEMBER – Dana Holbrook – Point Pleasant, NJ


The 2013 Colondar is sponsored by a community of businesses, organizations and non-profits who share the mission of colon cancer awareness and advocacy. The project serves as a way to raise awareness of colon cancer screening and occurrence in young adults. The Colon Club thanks the following page sponsors of the 2013 Colondar:

• JANUARY – Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation
• FEBRUARY – Colondar Models Past & Present
• MARCH – Third Eye Retroscope
• APRIL – Colon Stars
• MAY – Fight Colorectal Cancer
• JUNE – Get Your Rear in Gear
• JULY – Colon Cancer Alliance
• AUGUST – United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA)
• SEPTEMBER – Meredith’s Miracles
• OCTOBER – Semicolon Communications
• NOVEMBER – Seema Bery, M.D.
• DECEMBER – AliveAndKickn

See all of the sponsors of the 2013 Colondar.


Starting in 2005, a small group of women took the notion of “calendar girls” to a new level. All diagnosed with colorectal cancer under age 50, the ladies produced a calendar showing off their abdominal scars and disclosing their stories of colon cancer survival. Based on the idea and inspiration of their Miss November – Erika Bilger, a stage IV colon cancer survivor diagnosed at 22, the The Colon Club’s “Colondar” has become an important player in the fight against colorectal cancer. Through the years, The Colondar has featured over 100 men and women who’ve fought colorectal cancer and won several design awards thanks to the unique artistic approach and skills of photographer Mark McCarty and designer Troy Burns. While the format and aesthetic changes from year to year, the single mission of emphasizing the importance of screening and sharing a message of hope, never changes.

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The 2013 Colondar is available via The Colon Club for $10 plus shipping and handling.

Make sure to buy one for yourself. And a friend.

For international orders, please e-mail for more information. (We cannot accept online international orders.)

Purchases of The Colondar are non-refundable and final.


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