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Just a reminder – if you’re experiencing symptoms at ANY age or have a family history of colorectal cancer or colorectal polyps then you need to be screened! Colorectal cancer can happen to ANYONE at ANY age!

Yes, we’re talking to you.

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Email Krista about media inquiries, interviews or to request high-res photographs of Colondar models.

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The Colon Club exists to educate as many people as possible, as early as possible, about colorectal cancer in interesting and out-of-the-box ways and for people to get screened when it’s appropriate for them.

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The 2014 Colondar

The 2014 Colondar is the 10th calendar produced by The Colon Club.

2014 Colondar Press Release [pdf]


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The 2014 Colondar Models


Jose Baez
Rockaway, New Jersey


Rene Saenz
Houston, Texas


Ashley Havlena
Kansas City, Missouri


Brittany Sliter
Smithtown, New York


Emily Mazzetti
Mission Viejo, California


Laura McClinton
Liberty Lake, Washington


Marty Andrews
Seal Beach, California


Kasey Mattison
Richmond, Virginia


Mason Moore
Pearland, Texas


Tonya Floyd
Atlanta, Georgia


Rick Rausch
Evansville, Indiana


Rose Dopsovic
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Press Release Archive

Media Alert: Young colon cancer survivors available for interviews during March’s colon cancer awareness [download PDF]

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The 2013 Colondar Press Release [pdf]

The 2012 Colondar Press Release [pdf]

The 2011 Colondar Press Release [pdf]

The “Colon Gurl” becomes The Colon Club President

Colon cancer advocate Krista Waller will succeed Molly McMaster as The Colon Club president

Krista-waller-colon-club-presidentNEW YORK (July 10, 2012) –After over ten years, The Colon Club’s leadership will be transitioning away from co-founder Molly McMaster as president to board member Krista Waller. As president, Waller’s duties will include implementing volunteer committees, collaborating with the board of directors on budgetary issues, creating sponsorships for fundraisers and working to generate revenue. McMaster will continue her work with The Colon Club serving on the board of directors.

“I’ve entered a new chapter of my survivorship and feel it’s time to let someone else take the reins of The Colon Club and continue to raise awareness in crazy ways,” said McMaster. “I plan to still be involved through the board, yet I want to make room for others to step in and take The Colon Club to new places.”

History of the Colon Club

McMaster was diagnosed with colon cancer on her 23rd birthday in 1999 and set out to do ‘crazy things’ to draw attention to the disease and show that it could happen to anyone, no matter their age. She inline skated from Colorado to New York and in the midst of raising awareness, connected via email with fellow young survivor from Arkansas, Amanda Sherwood Roberts diagnosed at age 24.

“Suddenly, I had a sister,” said McMaster.

Two years after meeting McMaster, Sherwood Roberts passed away. In 2003, McMaster and Sherwood Robert’s cousin, Hannah Vogler founded The Colon Club to raise awareness about colorectal cancer, particularly among young people who weren’t properly educated.

The “Colon Gurl” Takes the Reins

Now, McMaster’s old responsibilities rest with Krista Waller, a colon cancer advocate who was nicknamed by her community as “The Colon Gurl.” Waller’s passion for colon cancer awareness made her a prime candidate to transition to president of the non-profit group.

“I couldn’t figure out why we had a cancer we could prevent and no one knew what they needed to do to prevent it”, Waller said. “Ever since then I have researched, worked, shadowed, learned, ate, slept, and breathed colorectal cancer awareness.”

As a board member, Waller has worked to develop committees, build a more diverse board of directors and has also served as secretary. Now as president, she will guide the vision of the organization and recruit resources and volunteers to carry on the message of The Colon Club.

“There is not another job that I could ever see myself doing as passionately as I do this one! I am The Colon Gurl!” Waller said.

About The Colon Club

The Colon Club, founded in 2003, serves to educate as many people as possible, as early as possible, about colorectal cancer in interesting and out-of-the-box ways. The Colon Club is the creator of The Colondar, an annual calendar featuring young colon cancer survivors. The organization is also the manager of Coco, The Colossal Colon, and houses an active online message board for young patients and caregivers of impacted by colorectal cancer. For more information, visit