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Just a reminder – regardless of your age, if you’re experiencing ANY symptoms or have a family history of colorectal cancer or colorectal polyps then you need to have a COLONOSCOPY! Colorectal cancer can happen to ANYONE at ANY age so don’t be a “bad ass”… GET SCREENED!

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Our Mission

The Colon Club connects young adults diagnosed with colorectal cancer so they never have to feel alone. Our mission is to talk “poo” to as many people as possible, specifically young adults, educating about the risk factors, genetic precursors, and symptoms of CRC and to demand a COLONOSCOPY when it is appropriate for THEM!

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Signs & Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Resources & Links


2015 Colondar 2.0 Survivors


Stage IV Colon Cancer
Dx: Age 26
Greenville, SC

Lindsey Motley
Ms. March – 2015

wendy lewis

Stage III Rectal Cancer
Dx: Age 42
Peoria, IL

Wendy Lewis
Ms. April – 2015


Stage IV Colon Cancer
Dx: Age 30
Wooster, OH

Leighann Sturgin
Ms. May – 2015

Stage IV Rectal Cancer Dx: Age 33 Iota, LA

Stage IV Rectal Cancer
Dx: Age 33
Iota, LA

Stephen Broussard
Mr. June – 2015

Stage I Rectal Cancer Dx: Age 35 Ocean Springs, MS

Stage I Rectal Cancer
Dx: Age 35
Ocean Springs, MS

Tina Seymour Demoran
Ms. July – 2015

Stage III Colorectal Cancer Dx: Age 30 Colorado Springs, CO

Stage III Colorectal Cancer
Dx: Age 30
Colorado Springs, CO

Scott Zilverberg
Mr. August – 2015


Stage IV Rectal Cancer
Dx: Age 26
Freeport, PA

Christy Schmieler
Ms. September – 2015


Stage III Colon Cancer
Dx: Age 34
Summerfield, SC

Chris Ganser
Mr. Octover – 2015



Stage III Colon Cancer
Dx: Age 22
Cedar Falls, IA

Kristen Toppin
Ms. November – 2015

Stage II Colon Cancer Dx: Age 45 Atlanta, GA

Stage II
 Colon Cancer
Dx: Age 45
Atlanta, GA

Walter Hickman
Mr. December – 2015

vannora (1)

Stage IV
 Colon Cancer
Dx: Age 25
Woodbridge, VA

Vannora Hawkins
Ms. January – 2016

Stage III Colon Cancer Dx: Age 19 Denver, NC

Stage III
 Colon Cancer
Dx: Age 19
Denver, NC

Natalie Savoie
Ms. February – 2016

Press Release Archive

Media Alert: Young colon cancer survivors available for interviews during March’s colon cancer awareness [download PDF]

Colon Club Adds Teen Survivor, Healthcare Marketer to Board [download PDF]

The 2013 Colondar Press Release [pdf]

The 2012 Colondar Press Release [pdf]

The 2011 Colondar Press Release [pdf]

“Colon Gurl” becomes The Colon Club President

Colon cancer advocate Krista Waller will succeed Molly McMaster as The Colon Club president

Krista-waller-colon-club-presidentNEW YORK (July 10, 2012) –After over ten years, The Colon Club’s leadership will be transitioning away from co-founder Molly (McMaster) Morgoslepov as president to board member Krista Waller. As president, Waller’s duties will include implementing volunteer committees, collaborating with the board of directors on budgetary issues, creating sponsorships for fundraisers and working to generate revenue. (McMaster) Morgoslepov will continue her work with The Colon Club serving on the board of directors.

“I’ve entered a new chapter of my survivorship and feel it’s time to let someone else take the reins of The Colon Club and continue to raise awareness in crazy ways,” said McMaster. “I plan to still be involved through the board, yet I want to make room for others to step in and take The Colon Club to new places.”

The “Colon Gurl” Takes the Reins

Now, McMaster’s old responsibilities rest with Krista Waller, a colon cancer advocate who was nicknamed by her community as “Colon Gurl.” Waller’s passion for colon cancer awareness made her a prime candidate to transition to president of the non-profit group.

“I overheard a colorectal surgeon tell another employee that colorectal cancer was preventable… I thought everyone should know this! It was like I had found the cure for cancer!”, Waller said. “Ever since overhearing that conversation, I have researched, worked, shadowed, learned, ate, slept, and breathed colorectal cancer awareness.”

As a board member, Waller has worked to develop committees, build a more diverse board of directors and has also served as secretary. Now as president, she will guide the vision of the organization and recruit resources and volunteers to carry on the message of The Colon Club.

“Educating about colorectal cancer among young adults and becoming Colon Gurl chose me… I can’t imagine doing anything else!, Waller said.

About The Colon Club

The Colon Club, founded in 2003, serves to educate as many people as possible, as early as possible, about colorectal cancer in interesting and out-of-the-box ways. The Colon Club is the creator of The Colondar, an annual calendar featuring young colon cancer survivors. The organization was also the manager of Coco, The Colossal Colon which retired to the Houston Health Mueum, and hosts Colon Talk, a wold renown online message board for young patients who have been diagnosed with CRC, their caregivers, families and friends.