The 2007 Colondar


The Colon Club’s third edition of the Colondar is now available!

The 2007 Colondar is a calendar that takes an artistic look at 24 survivors of colorectal cancer, all diagnosed under the “stereotypical” age of 50.

The 2007 Colondar educates about colorectal cancer in an unexpected way by telling a piece of each survivor’s story while they reveal their surgical scars and tell their stories to show that their disease can affect anyone at any age.  This year’s model-survivors include college students, a lawyer, a veterinarian, a radiologist and even an ex-NBA player.  They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, girlfriends and boyfriends, and they are just like anyone else.

Along with their stories and photos, the 2007 Colondar features US holidays, facts about colorectal cancer and a resource page.

Help in The Colon Club’s fight against colorectal cancer by ordering your twelve-month 2007 Colondar now.

The price of the 2007 Colondar is $15.00 including shipping & handling. We cannot accept international orders online, so please e-mail us for more information.  No refunds. Colondars damaged during shipping will be replaced.