Crazy Projects

The Colon Club’s main goal is to educate as many people as possible, as early as possible, about colorectal cancer in interesting and out-of-the-box ways. Our wishes are for people to have “colon talk” in their everyday lives, to know the risk factors and symptoms and to get screened when it is appropriate for them.

Our crazy projects are designed to get people of all ages to finally pay attention
to colorectal cancer, to help prevent the disease and to SAVE LIVES!

The 2012 Colondar

The 2012 Colondar features twelve new models that come from all over the United States.


The 2011 Colondar

More new people featured in this edition of the Colondar.

The 2010 Colondar

The Colon Club’s most gorgeous and educational Colondar yet! 14 amazing survivors share their stories and show their scars.

The 2009 Colondar

another beautiful look at 12 young survivors of colorectal cancer.

The 2008 Colondar

a calendar of 12 young survivors in a new, artistic Colondar with beautiful “colon cancer blue” accents.

The 2007 Colondar

The Colon Club’s annual calendar features 12 pairs of models with uniquely intertwined stories.

The 2006 Colondar

18 men and women show off their scars.

The 2005 Colondar

the first ever calendar of young colorectal cancer survivors features 12 women, all diagnosed with colorectal cancer under the age of 50.

Wipe Out Colorectal Cancer

The Colon Club’s very own line of awareness-raising TOILET PAPER! It’s printed with symptoms and information about CRC.

Posterior Designs: Cards for Any Colon Occasion

the brainchild of 2007 Colondar model Kim Troisi-Paton, check out these greeting cards that have a humorous take on colorectal cancer.

The UHL Cross-Checks Colon Cancer

In 2006, Molly McMaster played with every team in the United Hockey League, a men’s professional ice hockey league!

Colossal Colon®

the most famous Colon Club project, a 40-foot long, 4-foot tall crawl-through replica of the human colon!

Rolling to Recovery

Molly McMaster’s 2000-mile journey on inline skates took her from New York to Colorado.