Colorectal Cancer – It’s Not Just Grandpa’s Disease Anymore!

“Bottom, heinie, tush, badonkadonk, rump, caboose, derriere, fanny”! Whatever you call yours, The Colon Club wants to help save your “backside” by raising awareness that colorectal cancer can happen to ANYONE at ANY age!

Think you are not at risk for colorectal cancer?!? If you have a colon, YOU ARE AT RISK! Colorectal cancer (CRC) in young adults is on the rise: 90% for colon cancer and 124.2% for rectal cancer for people aged 20-34 years. With no screening guidelines, young adults are misdiagnoses due to their age, diagnosed at later stages and left with diminished survival rates. Are you experiencing any Signs & Symptoms of Colon Cancer?

Although colorectal cancer is traditionally seen as an “old man’s disease, our featured survivors bare their scars and share their stories proving that colorectal cancer CAN happen to ANYONE at ANY age! Colondar 2.0; our annual CRC magazine loaded with support, awareness and education provides unparalleled support to survivors, their caregivers and families. Colondar 2.0 features in depth layouts of young adult survivors, their scars and journeys, as well as articles about the obstacles that young adults living with CRC face, such as infertility, dating, sex, genetics, body image and ostomy.  Knowledge is power and Colondar 2.0 is changing the perception of CRC and how we, as a society, educate and raise awareness. Colondar 2.0 is distributed to medical communities, colleges and sold to the general public in our online store.

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