Board of Directors

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President – Krista Wilson

Krista Wilson is President of The Colon Club’s Board of Directors and a HUGE colorectal cancer advocate. You may know her by her blue tutu that she wears and carries with her everywhere she goes! While previously working at a colorectal surgeon’s office, Krista put into operation the company’s passion to educate the community, as well as primary care physicians, about colorectal cancer. Her colon-related creativity is unmatched, and she is known throughout the community as “Colon Girl.” Krista consistently delivers new creative educational projects such as the Captain Colon cartoon series, “Wipe Out Colorectal Cancer” toilet paper, “Flush Out” Cancer & Other Diseases, and the in between innings game, Pluck the Polyp, at her local Frontier Baseball team, The Otters. Krista has assisted with the Colondar Photo shoot since 2007 and she lives in Evansville, Indiana, with her three daughters, two dogs, a miniature pig (that is now 80 lbs.) and a bunny!



Vice President – Troy Burns

In 2004, Troy agreed to design the very first Colondar, just two weeks after his father passed away from colon cancer. Since then, he has pushed the creative envelope with each new Colondar, designing new and unique elements every year. Because of his hundreds of hours of work and his complete dedication, the 2005-2010 Colondars have won numerous regional and national design awards. In his non-Colondar life, Troy is chief creative officer at Behan Communications, leading his creative staff in the design of print and digital advertising, logos, marketing brochures, corporate image campaigns, catalogs, calendars, annual reports, research documents, presentation materials and Web sites. Troy’s work has earned design awards in a number of national competitions, and is credited by clients for contributing to the success of many marketing and community awareness programs. In addition to The Colon Club, Troy is involved in many community and civic organizations, including being a former chairman of the Board of Directors of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – Greater Adirondack Chapter and Kelly’s Angels, whose mission is to provide grants for fun activities to children who have recently lost a parent to cancer. Troy was named to the area’s first 20 Under 40 Competition, highlighting up-and-coming business leaders under 40 years old. He lives in Queensbury, New York with his wife Janet and three children, Stacia, Anna and Ethan.


Marty Andrews

Marty was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer in May of 2009 at the age of 33. Shortly after his diagnoses he learned of the Colon Club and finally felt like he was not alone. Seeing all the other people under 50 and reading their stores brought hope and a desire to fight his battle.  He vowed to himself that if he won his battle he would apply to be in the Colondar. Marty made good on his promise and applied to be in the 2014 Colondar. He was selected and featured as Mr. July.  The experience the Colon Club provided Marty was a sense of feeling “normal” again. Marty says that he can never repay the Colon Club for what they have given to him.  He feels very passionate about supporting the organization and giving someone else the same opportunity he feels so blessed to have received. In his professional life Marty has had a longstanding career in retail and is a Director of Loss Prevention and Risk Management. He is originally from the Seattle area but relocated to Southern California in 2002 where he still resides today.

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Treasurer – Chris Wills

Chris found The Colon Club’s website and the Colon Talk message board in the summer of 2009, shortly after his wife, Staci, was diagnosed with Stage III rectal cancer at age 32. Since her diagnosis, he’s been an advocate for colorectal cancer awareness and education, and he and Staci (Miss October in the 2012 Colondar) are active participants in the Get Your Rear in Gear series of 5K races. In his “day job,” Chris manages software and infrastructure projects for a large bank. He serves as The Colon Club’s treasurer and helps Sergei and others with the website when needed. Chris lives in Berlin Center, Ohio with Staci and their three children – Madeleine, Connor, and Murphy.


Debbie Donovan

Colorectal cancer advocacy is Debbie Donovan’s destiny—her father, Ronald Schoengold spent his 35+ year career at Smith Kline Diagnostics (now Danaher) developing and commercializing the Hemoccult® fecal occult blood test, a standard of care in colorectal cancer screening. That fueled Debbie’s passion for spreading awareness of colon cancer. Debbie was Director of Marketing at Avantis Medical Systems and established a robust digital foundation for Third Eye Colonoscopy.  Debbie has successfully used #colonoscopy is #goodforyou to increase awareness for colorectal cancer screening. Debbie is a Marketing and Sales Consultant at eGold Solutions and blogs as one of the Three Wise Dames ( She is focused on developing digital marketing programs for medical technology companies including the integration of social media channels. Previously, she served Intuitive Surgical as a Senior Manager focused on market development programs and e-marketing initiatives supporting Gynecology and Oncology surgery specialties. In addition, she has experience serving Ob/Gyn, Orthopedics/Spine and ENT physicians at Conceptus, Kyphon and Somnus. Her expertise is in developing effective strategies and leading teams in marketing communications, public relations and event programs. Before heading to the client side, Debbie began her career at a medical advertising and public relations agency. She holds a BA degree in public relations journalism from the University of Southern California.



Secretary – Angie Laroche

Angie is Miss September in the 2011 Colondar, an experience she considers life-changing. In 2007, shortly after she was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at the age of 40, an acquaintance told her they thought only older men got that kind of cancer. Angie thought so too — a misperception that caused her to live with uncomfortable symptoms for several years and made her feel very alone upon her diagnosis. Wanting to find someone to talk to who would understand, a family friend put her in touch with a former Colondar model and The Colon Club. It was a turning point. Angie has worked at Nike, Inc. for over 15 years and was part of a small team of employees who started a Nike Cancer Program, providing information, support and resources to Nike employees and their families touched by cancer. She is very passionate about helping her fellow employees in their cancer journeys and is very grateful to work for a company that is so supportive to this cause. She is an active advocate for early colon cancer detection for everyone, regardless of their family history and age, and she dreams of having a Colondar handed out to everyone under the age of 50 who is diagnosed, so they never have to feel alone. Angie lives in Newberg, Oregon with her husband Matt and son Cameron.